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Thursday, April 21, 2011

A guest post! The Polar Bear Paddle

This is a guest post from my 5 year old sister E. She read The Polar Bear Paddle and wants to tell you about it.

A little polar bear learns how to do the polar bear paddle. His friends want to learn it too. Their friends already learned how to do it and they thought it was fun. They loved the polar bear paddle. They did it by themselves. They wanted to do it every day. In the old days he didn't know how to do it. They liked the bear. The bear was COOL.

The Doll People

The Doll People is about a family of dolls who meet another family of dolls while Annabelle is searching for Auntie Sarah with her grandpa and her brother. Tiffany is the girl doll from the Funcraft family of dolls. Tiffany and Annabelle search for Auntie Sarah and find Auntie Sarah in the attic and part of her dress was stuck under a trunk. Tiffany got Annabelle's family the next day and got Auntie Sarah out from under the box. Grandma Katherine found Auntie Sarah in the captain's bed (the captain is a cat) and put Auntie Sarah in Annabelle's family's doll house. (It's really the house that Annabelle's family lives in but it's also a doll house to the Palmers, and the Palmers are the people who own the dolls). This is a really great book and I love it. I read it in 3 days. This book was a gift from my friend Athena.

Little Women

Little Women is a great book for young readers. This book is about 4 girls with BIG experiences! The girls met a boy named Lawrence and they have a little club that is called the Busy Bee Society. One of the little girls gets sick and when her dad got home, she woke up. I have read this book is PERFECT for kids. It only took me 3 days, but...it might take longer or shorter for you. GOOD LUCK!